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Honda Begins Production of the 2025 Civic Hybrid


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Honda has recently marked a major milestone in its commitment to electrification with the launch of the production of the 2025 Civic Hybrid. This hybrid sedan is being manufactured for the first time in Canada, at the Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) plant in Alliston, Ontario. This event is part of Honda's ambitious strategy to achieve 100% sales of battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles in North America by 2040.

Key Points:

  • Production of the 2025 Civic Hybrid in Alliston, Ontario

  • Goal of 100% EV sales in North America by 2040

  • Complete EV value chain in Canada by 2028

The Importance of the Civic Hybrid

The production of the Civic Hybrid represents a crucial step for Honda on the path to electrification. Expected to account for approximately 60% of all Civic model sales in Canada, this hybrid sedan demonstrates significant progress made possible by a $1.38 billion investment in 2022. This investment aimed to modernize HCM's facilities to make it the primary production center for the Civic Hybrid and CR-V in North America.

Jean Marc Leclerc, President and CEO of Honda Canada Inc., highlights the importance of this advancement: "Honda of Canada Manufacturing is a proud example of a Canadian company that innovates and strategically invests in technology and its associates on the path to electrification." He also acknowledges the challenges and complexity of this transition, while expressing gratitude for the support from governments, suppliers, partners, and dealers.

Commitment to Jobs and Inclusivity

Re-tooling HCM's assembly lines for hybrid vehicle production not only ensures the sustainability of jobs in Alliston but also contributes to the economic stability of Honda's extensive network of Canadian suppliers. The initiatives resulting from this investment include enhanced professional training programs, inclusive hiring practices, and increased efforts in research and development to minimize the environmental impact of automotive production.

Bobbi Curran, Vice President of Honda of Canada Mfg., states: "With the Civic Hybrid, each of the 4,200 associates of Honda of Canada Manufacturing is now involved in Honda's electrification strategy." This statement underscores the importance of each employee's contribution to this transition towards an electrified future.

The Complete EV Value Chain in Canada

In parallel with hybrid vehicle production, Honda plans to develop a complete value chain for electric vehicles in Canada. This ambitious plan includes the construction of four new plants, two of which will be located near the existing facilities in Alliston. This value chain will encompass all stages, from sourcing raw materials to the final production of electric vehicles.

Honda will leverage its expertise acquired at the EV center in Ohio and Canada's abundant resources to establish a stable battery supply system, the key component of EVs. These initiatives aim to enhance cost competitiveness and ensure efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Future EV Production Facilities

Honda plans to begin producing electric vehicles in 2028. Once fully operational, the EV plant will have a production capacity of 240,000 vehicles per year. The EV battery plant will have a capacity of 36 GWh per year. In addition to maintaining the current 4,200 jobs at its existing Ontario facilities, Honda will create at least 1,000 new positions for its new EV and EV battery manufacturing facilities.

This investment will also generate indirect jobs, particularly in the construction sector. Honda's vision for an electrified future materializes not only through technological advancements but also through significant economic benefits for local communities.


The production of the 2025 Civic Hybrid in Canada marks a pivotal moment for Honda in its transition towards full electrification of its vehicle lineup. With significant investments and a clear vision, Honda positions itself as a leader in the electrified automotive industry. To learn more about our initiatives and explore our complete catalog, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website. Take this opportunity to join the movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid

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